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Host Venues Wanted!

 Interested in bringing more money into your establishment? Tired of the off season blues? We are looking for new sites to host a series of Texas Hold-em poker tournaments on a weekly basis.

How does it work?

  • We now run events 7 day a week.
  • A session shall consist of 1 main tournament and numerous one table satellites over the duration of 5 hours. No tournaments will be started after the 4th hour of play.
  • A site may purchase additional nights on a weekly basis. Players will compete on up to 5 tables (additional tables are avail. Upon request) with as many as 10 players each.

  1. How does it work for me? runs a form of entertainment designed to fill your establishment with customers that will enjoy your products. Like any other form of entertainment, you pay us a fee for our accommodations.
  2. What do your “accommodations” include?
    We’ll provide an experienced casino poker host to conduct 1 main tournament and numerous one table satellites each day or night. and its sponsors will provide playing supplies, including tabletops, chips, and cards. .
  3. What does it cost me?
    Our fees are generally in line with many other forms of live entertainment. Musical acts, DJs, etc………
  4. What about contracts?
    Host venues must agree to hold weekly tournaments for a minimum of 12 weeks.
  5. How do you promote
    Your venue will be listed for free on our web site's online calendar. Our growing number of players will be checking our web site daily for our tournament schedules and point standings. We provide an area list of locations for our players whenever is played. Radio and print advertising is being discussed now and will be available soon.