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The final ten in order from last to first Doug Vizzini, Charles Solhk, Terry Mondesin, Don Allen, Anthony Reyes, Danny Ortiz  The last three players battled for almost two hours and then Chooped.  Jeff Herman, Joe, Nathana Berman great job everyone.
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Home arrow Rules Tournament Rules

  • The game played is Texas Hold-em.
  • All players will be given an equal number of chips. .
  • Blinds will be increased at regular timed intervals during play.
  • Lowest denomination chips will be removed from play when no longer needed.
  • Chips may be re-introduced at a higher denomination value.
  • Raises must be equal to or greater than the previous bet.
  • All active hands will be turned face up whenever all betting is complete.
  • Players are eliminated when they run out of chips.
  • As players are eliminated, tables will be condensed, until 10 players remain.
  • Play continues until one player has all the chips. Tournament Point System

  • The final 10 players of each tournament will receive points on a sliding scale.
  • Player’s points will be assigned following completion of the tournament.
  • A list of Final Tournament players will be posted on the website.
  • Point totals will be posted on by end of each Wednesday.
  • Additional points will be awarded nightly at each event for certain special promotions. Tournament Point Schedule

Winner 100 points   6th place 50 points 
2nd place 90 points    7th place 40 points 
3rd place 80 points    8th place 30 points 
4th place 70 points    9th place 20 points 
5th place 60 points    10th place 10 points Regulations

  1. Players must register before they play their first tournament online or in person.
  2. Photo ID required from all players.
  3. Each player will be assigned a registration number.
  4. Players must be 21 years of age or 18 in certain venues.
  5. No purchase is required for play.
  6. All cards and chips must remain on the table at all times.
  7. Inappropriate behavior will be subject to penalty or elimination.
  8. Players caught cheating will be disqualified from play and from future tournaments.
  9. Any disputes settled by tournament hosts and are final.
  10. Rules are subject to change.